Share Your Vision for Ponce Inlet

A small coastal town where residents live in peace and harmony with nature and a shared sense of community. We value and protect all that live here, from our sea turtles to our seniors, our children, grandchildren and furry little family members. Although we are many, we share the singular joy of a town we cherish.

The Simple Pleasures of a Simple Life

  • A walk on the beach at sunrise
  • Riding your bike to a neighbor for coffee
  • Dinner at sunset at one of our great restaurants
  • A community of friends
  • Fishing the River, off the Jetty or out at Sea

Citizen Participation

  • Discover the rewards of giving back
  • Serve your community
  • Preserve and protect the future
  • Meet new friends & stay engaged
  • Learn about others as well as yourself

Responsible, Efficient Government

  • Balanced budgets
  • Low comparative millage rates
  • Clean, safe streets
  • Very low crime rates
  • Community Based Police & Fire/EMS Service

Share Your Vision. What do you love most about Ponce Inlet?

Those who simply and broadly advocate for “change” fail to appreciate that our residents value the things that don’t change. Consider all fundamental attributes we have:

  • A beautiful, natural and well preserved environment
  • Our budgets have been in balance for more than a decade
  • Perfect budget audits, year after year
  • Millage rates (property taxes) that are consistently among the lowest in Volusia County
  • Clean, safe and well maintained streets
  • Crime rates among the lowest in Volusia County
  • We are one of only 4 other Volusia municipalities with its own Police Force and EMS Transport Program.

Ponce Inlet is not a broken community that needs to be repaired.

We need a government that will build on all that we already achieved. We need leaders with experience, stability, integrity and vision.

We need leaders who are recognized and have existing relationships on the County, State and Federal Levels. “Change for the sake of change” means starting over (from scratch) at a time in our history when our needs are the greatest.

There may be times when we our efforts are constrained by regulations, budgetary considerations, external factors and other practical limitations. As a community, we must always work together and strive to do the following:

  • Follow our Charter.
  • Adhere to our established procedures when making policy. This avoids lawsuits.
  • Carefully investigate and consider all options before taking action.
  • Encourage citizen participation at all public meetings.
  • Balance all interests and act in good faith for the betterment of the community.
  • Assess our decisions on an ongoing basis and make changes when necessary.
  • When we make mistakes, recognize them and take corrective action.